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Why We Don't Offer CDs and What You Can Do Instead
Why We Don't Offer CDs and What You Can Do Instead

We understand your desire for a physical copy, but we only offer our products as downloads or through our Brainwave3D Premium App.

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No CDs – And for Good Reasons

File Formats: Our frequencies come in file formats that usually wouldn't fit on a CD. Technology has moved on, and so have we!

Shipping Costs and Effort: We are not a shipping company. Mailing physical products would entail additional costs and effort that we would have to pass on to you.

Eco-friendly: Downloads and app accesses are not just convenient but also more eco-friendly than physical products.

Your Alternatives:

Burn it Yourself: You can, of course, burn the downloads onto a CD if you have a CD burner.

Unlimited Downloads: After your purchase, you can re-download the frequencies at any time should you lose them.

External Data Storage: We recommend saving an additional copy of the files on an external data storage device like an external hard drive.

Further Information:

Should you have additional questions or special requests, feel free to contact us anytime through the chat located at the bottom-right corner of our website. We're always here to assist you!

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