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How to Properly Play Frequencies on Your Smartphone
How to Properly Play Frequencies on Your Smartphone

Learn how to play various frequency file formats on your smartphone effectively.

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Your Smartphone as a Sound Gateway

Want to use frequency files on your smartphone? No worries! Here’s all you need to know to play your audio files optimally.

Supported Formats and Storage Space

Standard Formats:

Your smartphone typically supports formats like MP3 and WAV (16 and 24 Bit). Our Brainwave3D Premium App is ideal for listening to all frequencies and meditations from your smartphone in MP3. Here you can test this app for 7 days for free >>test now for free<<

Storage Space Consideration:

Keep in mind that WAV files can be quite large:

  • WAV 16 and 24 Bit: Approximately 1-2 GB.

  • WAV 32 Bit: Up to 4 GB or more.

Check Storage Requirements:

Before downloading, check the properties of the frequency file on the product page to know the exact data volume.

Playing WAV 32 Bit on Your Smartphone

Need for a Converter:

To enjoy WAV 32 Bit files, you will need an external converter to process the format.

Alternative – High Res Player:

A sleek solution could be a high-resolution player:

  • Comparable in price to a quality converter.

  • Interchangeable memory cards relieve your phone's internal storage.

  • Perfect for the Gate Program: If you intend to use many or large frequency files, such a player is particularly practical.

Steps to Follow

  1. Format Check: Ensure that the format of your frequency file is supported by your smartphone.

  2. Free Up Storage: Make sure there's enough space or use an external storage expansion.

  3. Use a Converter: For high-resolution WAV 32 Bit files, additional hardware or a specialized player is required.

  4. Enjoy: Play the frequencies and immerse yourself in your meditation or the Gate program.

Remember, if you have further questions or need more assistance, you can always contact our support. Enjoy your sound journey!

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