Solutions for Payment Issues

Find out what steps to take if you're experiencing difficulties with making a payment on our website.

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Assistance with Payment Difficulties

Occasionally, issues can arise during the online payment process. We want to ensure that you know what to do in such situations:

Step 1: Check Payment Methods

  • PayPal/Direct Transfer: Sometimes there are temporary disruptions with these services that resolve on their own.

  • Try Later: Wait a while and attempt the payment again at a later time.

Step 2: Browser Issues

  • Switch Browsers: Your usual browser might be causing issues that prevent redirection to payment providers like PayPal.

  • Mozilla Firefox: Try using Mozilla Firefox in private mode, which can sometimes bypass certain issues.

  • Google Chrome: Google Chrome is also a good alternative that often works without problems.

Step 3: Continuing Difficulties?

  • Contact Support: If the above steps don't help, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Email Support: Send an email to our support team detailing your issue.

We're Here to Help: Our customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions regarding payment. We want your shopping experience to be as smooth as possible. So if you run into any roadblocks, we're just an email away.

Please be aware that if you encounter payment issues, you should not be asked to provide sensitive information such as passwords or full credit card details via email. We ensure your data remains secure and help you find a safe resolution.

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