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The Ideal Volume for Frequencies and Meditations
The Ideal Volume for Frequencies and Meditations

Discover the perfect volume for listening to frequencies and guided meditations to achieve maximum effectiveness and comfort

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Diving into the world of frequencies and guided meditations requires setting the volume to suit your personal comfort. This article will guide you on how to adjust the ideal volume for your listening experience to get the most out of your practice.

Individual Comfort: The Key to Optimal Volume

Finding Your Personal Setting Everyone has their own comfort zone regarding volume. Experiment with different levels to find your sweet spot. It should not be too loud to avoid straining your hearing, nor too soft that you must strain to hear the sounds.

Guidelines for Frequencies

  • Ambient Frequencies: These should serve as a gentle sound backdrop that enhances your well-being without being intrusive.

  • Active Listening Frequencies: Set these so you can clearly perceive them without overwhelming your ears.

Guidelines for Guided Meditations

  • Voice Volume: The voice of the guide should be soft yet clearly audible. It should guide you without dominating, allowing you to focus on the inner experience.

Understanding the Effect of Volume

There's a common misconception that louder volumes increase the effectiveness of frequencies and meditations. In fact, it's the quality of your listening and your comfort that have the greatest impact.

Tips for the Perfect Listening Experience

  1. Start Quietly: Begin at a lower volume and gradually increase until you reach the optimal level.

  2. Consider the Environment: The ideal volume may vary depending on ambient noise. In a quieter setting, a softer volume might be appropriate.

  3. Listen to Your Feeling: Trust your gut. If it doesn't feel right, adjust the volume accordingly.


The right volume for listening to frequencies and guided meditations is a very personal setting. It's important that you feel comfortable and relaxed to fully engage in the experience. By trying and adjusting, you will find your personal soundscape that allows for the best experience.

Help and Support

If you have further questions about adjusting your volume or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Helpcenter. We are here to support and enhance your practice.

Enjoy your sound journey at the perfect volume!

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